Case Studies

How we have helped people innovate

CPI Enterprises

CPI Enterprises was formed to extend investment support to fast growing, high potential companies in the deep-tech space.

Formeric Ltd puts supercomputing into the hands of formulation scientist for the development of improved surfactant-based products.

Recently, STFC has spun out a company offering easy access to cloud-based simulations of formulated products.

Ensuring fire safety of next-generation foams

KCMC and KTN support, a collaboration between Vitafoam (Middleton, UK) and the UK’s leading fire materials research group led by Baljinder Kandola Bolton

MagnaPharm- Utilising high magnetic fields to direct polymorphism in pharmaceuticals

MagnaPharm- Utilising high magnetic fields to direct polymorphism in pharmaceuticals

Smart Sensors Setting the foundation for future technology trends

Developing low-cost, integrated smart sensor systems to address many measurement challenges is a priority. including the Internet of Things (IoT),

Adept Project: Aiming to enhance the UK’s manufacturing capability of nanoscale components using chalcogenides

This is a large-scale interdisciplinary research project, which is funded with over £6 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Utilising high magnetic fields of direct polymorphism in pharmaceuticals

The collaborative research project led by Dr Simon Hall, Reader in Materials Chemistry University of Bristol funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020

Carrington Textiles

The connections made between advanced materials leaders within the UK are often the roots of materials chemistry innovation.

NSG, University of Liverpool and STFC Hartree — Pioneering Materials Discovery – The Search for Transparent Conducting Materials

NSG Pilkington are world leaders in the manufacture of glass and glazing solutions of which a critical component is the functional glass coatings.

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