Driving innovation in materials chemistry

The Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC) is a leading organisation for knowledge transfer between academia and industry, driving globally competitive innovation that is underpinned by materials chemistry.

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Innovation in Advanced Materials for High Value Manufacturing

There is a growing demand for new advanced materials which offer greater functionality and can help meet future business needs for sustainability. Leading edge materials chemistry is fundamental to developing these new materials; KCMC plays an important role in this by facilitating R&D collaboration between business and its research and innovation partners, thereby helping to promote successful innovation across the supply chain and through to manufacturing. 

Recent News

University of Liverpool receives Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Chemistry at Palace ceremony

At a special ceremony held today at Buckingham Palace, the University of Liverpool was presented with its Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Chemistry.

Emerging Technologies Competition 2024

This exciting event provides a valuable platform for early-stage start-ups, spinouts, and academic entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations.


The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has set up a £42.5m research partnership to develop ground-breaking new materials.


Faced with a difficult set of circumstances and multiple challenges ahead, both as a country and an industry, the goal at KCMC is to continue to keep the innovation pipeline flowing. In order to achieve this, we will be building on our strong working links with CPI, and more widely within the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, to better understand the industry needs and opportunities for materials chemistry in the UK. We will be looking to evolve what we do to meet these needs. By growing the interaction between industry partners, universities and the Catapults, we can take advantage of this challenging, but opportunity-rich environment.”

Professor Rick Cosstick, Chair KCMC Governing Board, University of Liverpool

Through both CPI and KCMC, strong partnerships have been established between companies and some of the UKs most renowned institutions – the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Southampton and the STFC Hartree Centre. The combined efforts and insights of CPI, KCMC, and the research organisations help to accelerate the translation of innovative science and technology research into commercial products.”

Frank Millar — CEO CPI 

I have every confidence that KCMCs unique approach will continue to feed into and strengthen our abilities and ethos to support innovation in UK industry.

Nigel Perry — Former Special Adviser & Director, CPI

I am delighted with the achievements we have made at KCMC this year. Our work with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult is directly supporting the government’s focus on tackling key global industry challenges. It will be exciting to continue this successful partnership and share our ambition to make the UK materials chemistry industry as successful as it can be.”

John Conti-Ramsden - Former Director of KCMC

KCMCs role in accelerating R&D collaboration between business and academia has never been more important as we strive to build a more productive knowledge based economy with robust UK materials.”

John Conti-Ramsden - Former Director of KCMC

By aligning with KCMC, our ability to successfully commercialise great ideas across academia and industry is stronger than ever. We are certain this partnership will continue to help the UK materials chemistry landscape to thrive, generate new jobs and deliver economic growth.”

Dr Nick Johnson, Former Commercial Director at CPI

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