Dr Steve McBride 

Head of KCMC

Dr Steve McBride is Head of KCMC at the KCMC. He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, and his background includes commercial, technical development and research, across the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing market sectors.

What do you do at the KCMC?

My role is Head of KCMC at CPI.

I help businesses to navigate the university landscape, and to help embed the need for impact and industrial steer within academia. A central part of that is building a future supply chain for a product, and to build collaboration in from day one. I also get involved in writing proposals.

What are your strengths?

My background – first as an academic, then in industry, and finally as a techno-commercial manager – allows me to speak the language of both sides of any academic-industry collaboration. It also gives me a level of impartiality, and to see the connections across the innovation landscape.

Why do you enjoy working at the KCMC?

I learn something new every day, and I’m not limited to seeing just one side of the equation – I get involved at every stage of a collaboration. I’ve always been motivated by the newest, best, most interesting thing, and this role allows me to steer that. I also get to see programmes through the technology readiness levels, from the fundamental research through to a commercial success.

What area of materials science excites you?

High-temperature thermoelectric materials have huge potential. There is a growing momentum in energy harvesting materials, but thermoelectrics are right at the leading edge. 80% of the supply chain in place, so it could be a step-change technology.

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Dr Steve McBride