Maureen Laughton

Knowledge Centre Materials Chemistry, Operation Manager

Maureen Laughton is the KCMC’s Operations Manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the UK’s chemistry-using sectors and across the innovation landscape.

What do you do at the KCMC?

I run the KCMC’s operations arm, which means I manage a large portfolio of content and events which allows me to work with lots of different people across industry and academia. I work closely with the KCMC steering group, the KCMC governing board and the principal investigators. Before joining the KCMC, I managed the larger events and administration operations programme at Chemistry Innovation.

I also manage all of our marketing activities, which involves maintaining the profile of the KCMC externally to the wider materials chemistry landscape. This involves production of the quarterly and annual reports, newsletters.

What are your strengths?

I like to think of it as the service factor’. I’m organised and reliable, and well-connected across industry. I’m always focused on delivering the best quality work I can, whether that is an event or on projects. We want to build a much more engaged community in materials chemistry, to help strengthen the UK’s future, and for me, that’s all about engagement and relationships between people.

Why do you enjoy working at the KCMC?

I like to be part of a strong team that genuinely makes a difference. We each have important roles within the KCMC, but we have a huge trust and respect for each other. We’re like-minded too, and want to be seen as professional in all that we do.

I’ve seen a real shift in the relationship between industry and academia. SMEs are certainly working more closely with universities, and the KCMC has played a huge role in that, but we can’t do it alone. We see ourselves as the catalyst to wider engagement in the sector.

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Maureen Laughton