University plays key role in Investment Zone plans

The University of Liverpool has been a vital contributor to the Liverpool City Region’s Investment Zone plans. Announced today, these plans will supercharge health and life sciences.

Today (Tuesday 12 March 2024) Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram unveiled 21 projects funded by a £160m Government pledge, including major development plans in the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, home to the University’s Liverpool campus. Overall, it’s expected these ambitious plans, which will run for 10 years, have the potential to attract £800m investment, transforming the economy while saving lives worldwide.

Funding will enable the expansion of the University of Liverpool’s world-first Centre of Excellence for Long-acting Therapeutics (CELT) and the Civic HealthTech Innovation Zone (CHI-Zone), which will spearhead the use of AI to transform health and social care. The Investment Zone funding will also enable the Microbiome and Infectious Disease (MaID) Innovation Hub and The Pandemic Institute to further drive the development of microbiome therapies and tackle emerging infections and pandemic threats.

HEMISPHERE One and Two, based in the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, close to The Spine, also play a significant part in plans. Liverpool City Council’s flagship regeneration scheme consists of two multi-storey high-tech new builds to satisfy a soaring demand for chemistry and life science laboratories. Read more

The image credit to: University of Liverpool / McCoy Wynne