University of Liverpool spin-out, Atomik AM, set to reshape advanced manufacturing

The University of Liverpool has launched a new spin-out company, Atomik AM, that heralds a unique approach for manufacturing businesses.

The image credit to: University of Liverpool / McCoy Wynne

Atomik brings together cutting-edge chemistry and solutions-focused engineering expertise, to enable manufacturers to reduce cost, waste and adverse social impact.

Kate Black, company founder, Chief Operating Officer and Professor of Manufacturing at the University’s School of Engineering, heads up the new spin-out which aims to provide tailor-made solutions to customers utilising advanced manufacturing techniques.

The advanced manufacturing landscape is fast-moving, so it is essential that manufacturers innovate to remain competitive. Atomik offers an exclusive outsourcing service that helps manufacturing businesses in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors define, drive and optimise their innovation projects, known as Customer Innovation Projects (CIPs). Other services that Atomik provide include access to their cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies, consultancy and training in Solution Focused Manufacturing approaches. Read more