The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has set up a £42.5m research partnership to develop ground-breaking new materials.

The Defence Materials Centre of Excellence (DMEx) will bring together world-leading UK experts in a national effort to accelerate advances in defence material technology for extreme physical environments.

The DMEx will research, create, and prototype new materials for the armed forces that can survive in the harshest conditions such as temperatures of 1,000 °C, polar to tropical operations, high impact vibrations, shock, blasts and extreme water depth.

Advanced materials are vital to keeping the UK safe – ranging from body armour for our personnel, to the protection of sensitive electronics in satellites from radiation damage and corrosion-resistant submarine components.

The Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials, which operates its hub at the University of Manchester, will lead the centre of excellence with 23 other partners from academia, industry, and research organisations such as the Catapult Network.

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