Innovate UK materials and manufacturing vision 2050

This vision is a complete reimagination of the role that UK materials and manufacturing should have within our economy and society in a strongly net zero focused world.

The Innovate UK materials and manufacturing vision 2050 sets out some thought-provoking considerations. It is aimed at stimulating interest, focus and action to make the UK a leading, world-class destination for advanced low carbon manufacturing.

With more than 170 recent references analysed and more than 120 stakeholders consulted, this is one of the most significant and inclusive studies of its kind. It is an invitation to reimagine materials and manufacturing together.

To provide feedback and to participate in upcoming events and competitions, visit our reimagine manufacturing portal at the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Network.

For more information, contact Chaco van der Sijp at chaco.​vandersijp@​iuk.​ukri.​org Read more