Craig Fairgrieve joined KCMC at CPI in November 2022

He previously worked as a Scientist at Unilever, part of the Home Care Science and Technology group developing novel polymers and surfactants for applications in Home Care products, collaborating with suppliers and academic partners to leverage the maximum benefit from scientific capabilities, particularly at the University of Liverpool working in the Materials Innovation Factory since it opened.

Craig Fairgrieve joins KCMC

Bringing a wealth of experience to the role at KCMC, Craig is the Knowledge Transfer Manager for the University of Liverpool and the University of Bolton. His role is to build collaborations between the universities and industry, establishing relationships and supporting them through the innovation and commercialisation process. the University of Liverpool and the University of Bolton.

This involves connecting partners whose ambition for their technology and business align with the knowledge base at the Universities. Establishing relationships, identifying the appropriate funding opportunities, and supporting these through application, implementation, and delivery. Read more on Craig