Why Liverpool is leading the way on the UK’s net zero journey.

When the UK government set out its Net Zero Strategy in October 2021, it talked about a global race to develop new green technology.’ The countries that captured the benefits of the evolving green industrial revolution would enjoy unrivalled growth and prosperity far into the future, it said.

But what exactly does that capturing’ process involve? And is it happening in the UK to a greater extent than elsewhere? In the manufacturing arena, who is already doing things differently and helping the UK to get ahead in the race to net zero?

We can find our answers in the Liverpool City Region, where a ground-breaking partnership between Unilever, the University of Liverpool and the £68m Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) is set to revolutionise FMCG products by helping to eliminate fossil-based carbon and non-biodegradable ingredients. Read more

The image credit to: University of Liverpool / McCoy Wynne