Luminspheres™ — A Guiding Light in Reservoir Surveillance 

Chromition Ltd, a UK-based photoluminescent technologies company, is pleased to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Shell GameChanger Programme.

The agreement sees Chromition and Shell GameChanger validate Chromition’s proprietary Luminspheres™ tracer system for next-generation oil reservoir surveillance.

Chromition aims to offer unprecedented characterisation and mapping of complex geological environments. By leveraging multicoloured Luminspheres™ extraordinary brightness and tuneable size for high-sensitivity multiplex in-situ monitoring of fluid flow between wells for efficient reservoir management.

Over the next year, Chromition will design, prepare and test Luminspheres™ tracers specifically for use in Shell’s reservoir environments. Successful validation of Luminspheres™ tracers under reservoir conditions is an enabler to potentially progress to a subsequent field trial and commercial rollout. Read more