Royce Materials 4.0 Feasibility & Pilot Scheme

Subject to confirmation of funding, the Henry Royce Institute is inviting proposals from higher education institutions, research technology organisations and businesses of all sizes for feasibility studies to develop digital tools, protocols, and methods to accelerate materials discovery and testing.

he Royce Materials 4.0 Feasibility & Pilot Scheme aims to offer short-term funding for research, development, and innovation (RD&I) projects developing novel digital techniques and technologies that have the potential to transform materials research capability.

In order to generate momentum and a swift response to this important funding opportunity, we are setting out the following three suggested priority areas, however we wish to emphasise there is flexibility around the Materials 4.0 proposals to which these funds can be applied:

  • Materials Informatics – stimulating the development of Materials Informatics, a data-centric approach to the advancement of materials science, to create a field of expertise which compares with the established use of Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics.
  • New Computational, Data Science and Mathematical protocols – the development of new algorithms and computational frameworks are essential for Materials Science, and this new field of application will stimulate new science and opportunities for innovation.
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Automation – to accelerate high throughput discovery and understanding of new materials and develop the capacity to connect the digital and physical worlds in a more responsive, assistive, and intelligent manner than at present. Read more