New Unilever Radiochemistry Research Fellow

A new Radiochemistry Research Fellow, supported by Unilever, has taken up post in the Department of Chemistry to work on new radiometric techniques and their application to fundamental materials research, supporting the development of Unilever’s home and personal care products.

Dr Helen Cauldbeck, who works at the interface between materials chemistry and nanomedicine, will collaborate with the Rannard Group as the Unilever Radiochemistry Research Fellow, based in the University’s Radiomaterials Chemistry Laboratory (RML).

The RML was established in 2014 with support from EPSRC and industry including Unilever who relocated equipment to the lab and who have staff based there. The lab is a leading centre in the UK for combining radio and materials chemistries to enable monitoring of behaviour and fate of key materials used in a range of applications from consumer products to nanomedicine.

These techniques have already translated into innovations in consumer products. For example, the lab validated technologies to repair enamel for Unilever’s Regenerate toothpaste, and tested the deposition of rhamnolipids, natural surfactant used as an active ingredient in sustainable hand dishwash launched under the Quix brand. Read more