Going digital: Impact of computational tools on chemical R&D

Tuesday, 25 February 20209:30 am – 16:30 pm STFC Daresbury Campus Keckwick Lane WA4 4AD Daresbury United Kingdom

Recent advances in digital technology are increasingly finding their way into R&D intensive businesses who produce formulated products – including pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, food and drink, and industrial materials and coatings. Most will be familiar with the phrases Industry 4.0”, digital transformation” and big data”, but what do these mega trends mean for your business?

This event brings together a wide range of digital solutions providers and R&D‑intensive companies to showcase the computational tools on offer, and how they can be used to boost their R&D efforts across all stages of digitisation. From lab digitisation and automation, data analytics, modelling and simulation to digital design for scale-up, we will explore the practical aspects of implementing these approaches in your business and provide networking opportunities to facilitate the uptake of these tools. Read more