EPSRC’s Big Ideas” initiative

As you may remember, Faraday Division is organising a series of workshops to help the physical chemistry community engage with the EPSRC’s Big Ideas” initiative. So far we have held workshops on Molecular Astrochemistry and Chemical Structure and Dynamics.

EPSRC Big Ideas” is a consultation exercise which seeks suggestions for important future research directions from the physical sciences community in order to inform the EPSRC’s research agenda and objectives. It is very important that the UK physical chemistry community engages with this process. The central aim of each workshop will be to brainstorm, coordinate, and integrate the work of interested individuals into a shared Big Idea” that encapsulates the research vision and ambitions of a community.

About the workshop

The workshop will focus on New materials for medical diagnostics and therapeutics” (more details below) and will be hosted at UCL on 28th February. Please express your interest either in this workshop, or in the construction of an EPSRC Big Idea around this theme, via this form.