CPI partners with Excivion to optimise and scale up production of safe and effective Zika vaccine 13 JUL 2020

CPI today announced a partnership with Excivion Ltd, Cambridge, to optimise the manufacture of their novel Zika vaccine antigen candidate, Zika-HX, an integral component of any future vaccine formulation. Excivion’s technology could help to prevent future pandemics of deadly viruses by avoiding the adverse immune responses common in current vaccine candidates for Zika and related viruses.

Zika is a member of the Flavivirus genus that includes dengue, yellow fever and tick-borne encephalitis. In the case of dengue virus, infection with one serotype may result in the generation of antibodies that can increase disease severity following infection with a second serotype. This process is known as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). There is a significant risk that the vaccines in development to protect against flaviviruses may sometimes cause ADE and actually worsen the effects of the disease that they are designed to prevent. Click here to read more