CPI and Imperial College London join forces to accelerate translation of cutting-edge research to industry

CPI today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Imperial College London, laying the groundwork for collaboration on a diverse range of programmes designed to drive economic growth in the UKs manufacturing sector. By leveraging CPIs expertise and facilities in areas such as industrial biotechnology, materials technology, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, the two parties will work together to further translate the College’s world-leading research and inventions into impactful products and services. 

The agreement highlights each party’s ambition to collaborate on both defined technical projects and major strategic programmes. In addition, the organisations will seek opportunities to host each other’s staff with a series of training programmes and secondments. This will accelerate the transfer of complementary scientific knowledge and technical skills between CPI and Imperial.

Imperial College London is frequently ranked within the top ten universities in the world and has a rich history of delivering paradigm-shifting research, including the discovery of penicillin and the invention of holography. CPI can support the College with its expertise in product and process development to accelerate discoveries made on the College lab bench into commercial products and processes. Read more