Thomas Swan announces graphene collaboration with Graphene Composites on protection against knife and gun-crime

Thomas Swan logoThomas Swan
announced a collaboration with nano-materials technology manufacturer Graphene Composites (GC) to provide the graphene solution in their GC Shield Armour products. It was stated that the product is the result of a lengthy development collaboration between the companies together with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) using GNP‑M grade graphene from Thomas Swan in the final application — an endorsement of the company’s ability to manufacture graphene in volume. The GC Shield comes in a range of armour products providing lightweight, mobile protection, plus effective protection for installation in large spaces. From a lightweight, flexible shield that is both bullet and stab-proof and can fit into a schoolbag, the GC Shield Plus has been successfully tested to stop multiple 7.6251mm NATO M80 sniper bullets and AR-15 assault rifle M193 bullets fired at close range — read more