Shaping the future of standards for composites in the transport sector

Have your say — respond by 19th April 2019 
Composites UK, supported by Avalon Consultancy Services Ltd, is working with BSI and the Composites Leadership Forum (CLF) to develop a UK standards strategy for composite materials in the transport sector in order to maximise the economic benefits of this emerging area and consolidate the position of UK businesses and innovators as global leaders in the field. Part of this work involves reviewing what standards are currently available, which of these are/aren’t fit for purpose and where there are any gaps. We are seeking input from industry to help us in this task and so ask you to complete a short survey: https://​www​.sur​vey​mon​key​.co​.uk/​r​/​G​R​N8LFK The results of the survey will be treated in confidence and a summary report presented to highlight the key findings – no individual companies will be named in this report. Please complete the survey by Friday 19th April to have your say in shaping the future UK strategy in this area.