University of Liverpool Major role in UK energy storage research programme

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are part of a major UK research programme that aims to ignite a revolution in UK battery research and accelerate the move to electric vehicles. The £42 million collaborative research programme, funded through the Faraday Institution, will support four UK-based consortia to conduct application-inspired research aimed at putting the UK at the forefront of battery technology worldwide. The University is a partner in three of the consortia, reflecting its position as one of the leading UK institutions for interdisciplinary energy storage research, in particular in the field of battery technologies. It will receive approximately £3million in funding through its involvement in the programme which will support a number of post-doctoral research posts. Researchers from the University’s Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy (SIRE), Department of Chemistry, School of Engineering and Materials Innovation Factory will contribute to a project exploring how certain stresses, for example high temperatures, can damage electric vehicle batteries. Read more