IUK Launches Design Foundations 2017 Funding Competition: Round One

Through this competition Innovate UK (IUK) will support business projects that use early-stage design activities to help them identify innovation opportunities and generate new ideas.

The aim is to encourage businesses to use design-led methods to understand customer motivations and behaviour, inspire new ideas, support decision-making and inform strategy. Early-stage design activity can help businesses to tackle the right problems and generate ideas that are more likely to meet the needs of their customers.

IUK has allocated up to £1 million to fund early-stage design projects in this round of the competition. IUK expects projects to range in size from total costs of £20,000 to £100,000. Projects should last between 3 and 9 months.

Applications are open to UK-based business of any size. The business must carry out the project, and intend to exploit the results, in the UK. Applicants can work alone or with sub-contractors. A single business must run each project. Up to 70% of total project costs can be used to sub-contract design services.

The competition will support businesses exploring ideas for physical or digital products, services and business models. Projects may be in any technology or industry sector, but IUK is particularly encouraging proposals within:

— Health and life sciences

— Manufacturing and materials

— Infrastructure systems

— Emerging and enabling technologies

Applicants must register by midday on Wednesday 15 February 2017.

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