Four-year EngD Scholarship with Scott Bader: Advanced Resin & Composites Application Development

University of Bristol — Faculty of Engineering

Location Scott Bader, Wellingborough (Northamptonshire) Salary/​stipend £20,000 p.a. Scott Bader Co Ltd. is actively researching new polymers for fibre reinforced composite applications. Two areas of current interest are : 
  • Processing – supporting the industry needs to reduce production cycle times and developing new resins for use in processes other than the typical infusion and Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), commonly employed with Scott Bader resins.
  • Health and sustainability – developing resins with reduced atmospheric emissions during processing, reduced hazards during use, improved capability for end-of-life product recycling, reduced reliance on oil derived raw materials and reduced whole-life environmental impact of composite materials.
Each topic is at a stage that much of the fundamental polymer development is already understood through existing projects within Scott Bader. Consequently application development is needed, with respect to performance and processing, forming the basis of a portfolio of related projects for the Engineering Doctorate researcher. Dedicated resource from the R&D Polymer development team is available at Scott Bader’s headquarters in the UK where purpose-built technical facilities provide R&D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. www​.scot​tbad​er​.com. Project start date: As soon as possible further information can be found here