Circular Chemical Economy UKRI Event

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Start Date
Tue, 25 May 10:00 AM
End Date
Tue, 25 May 12:00 AM
Online Event
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The UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy is a £4.4M UKRI investment and is in partnership with seven Universities — Loughborough, Cardiff, Heriot-Watt, Imperial College London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield and involves more than 20 industrial partners.

The vision of our Centre is to transform the UK chemical industry’s linear supply chain model into a fossil-independent, climate-positive and environmentally friendly circular economy.

For our launch event we will bring together a range of experts and leading businesses to discuss the road to circular chemical economy, the role of innovations, the importance of the whole system approach, and various non-technical barriers around business motivation, finance gap, public awareness and policy incentive.

There will be opportunities for Q&A and interaction with guest speakers. We will also introduce various funding opportunities from the UKRI, the CE-Hub and the Centre to work with us.

This event is part of the National Launch Week for the £30M NICER (National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research) Programme funded by UKRI.