Case Studies

Digitisation and Big Data

Formeric Ltd puts supercomputing into the hands of formulation scientist for the development of improved surfactant-based products.

Recently, STFC has spun out a company offering easy access to cloud-based simulations of formulated products.

ACAL — Predicting candidate catalyst properties

Fuel cells are a leading contender in the battle to find green, emissions-free power sources.

STFC Hartree — HPC speeding products to market — A week’s work in just 40 minutes…

To accelerate and support devel­opment of new ways of designing, improving and manufacturing products

Unilever teams with STFC to model innovative product R&D Multi-scale modelling

STFC scientists will be using their world-class capabilities in modelling and simulation to develop new software tools

NSG, University of Liverpool and STFC Hartree — Pioneering Materials Discovery – The Search for Transparent Conducting Materials

NSG Pilkington are world leaders in the manufacture of glass and glazing solutions of which a critical component is the functional glass coatings.