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Carbon nanomaterials and challenge driven science

Graphene continues to capture the interest of materials scientists and industry for its impressive properties.

Oct 18 2023

Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Manchester and Beyond

Professor Aline Miller takes a central role in the university knowledge transfer and industry engagement activities

Oct 18 2023

Designing fire retardant materials — a lifetime in life-saving research

Professor Baljinder Kandola, a pioneering researcher in the field of fire-retardant materials.

Oct 17 2023

The changing nature of opportunity

Novel chemical designs and biocatalysts, data-driven science and processes, automation and robotics… so much is happening in parallel.

Dec 14 2022

The ABC of developing more sustainable materials — welcoming Prof Robert Raja and Dr Nuria Garcia-Araez to KCMC Management Team

The ABC of developing more sustainable materials.

Dec 14 2022

Professor Alex Cowan, University of Liverpool — The future of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas, mostly known as a waste product from the combustion of fossil fuels.

Nov 10 2021

The SCOUT Project: How strategic partnerships can support the innovation pipeline

The SCOUT project is a fitting example of one such outreach opportunity, illustrating the role strategic partnerships can play in developing opportunities.

Jun 08 2021

KCMC Industry Steering Group meeting 2020 – Growing the Hydrogen Economy

KCMC’s Industry Steering Group (ISG) meeting provides a platform to discuss the major challenges and trends in the industry.

Feb 17 2021

Translation Challenge

KCMC outlines the need for a bridge between universities and Catapults to help improve translation for UK research and innovation spending.

Oct 20 2020
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